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Digital Innovation

Research shows that we are in the middle of a wave of digital innovation that shows absolutely no signs of stopping any time soon. Rather, we are moving further into the digital age than ever before and science fiction is meeting reality in a way humanity has previously only dreams of. The implications of this are difficult to determine for the long run, but there are some ideas that research shows may be around for quite a while.

Security is changing in the digital age, and fast. The more we migrate into digital spaces, the more security we need in order to truly trust our time spent there. Studies have shown that within a few short years, roughly 70% of consumers will use biometric security to access their content. No more memorizing passwords or worrying about security breaches. Our password will be our personal identity.

3-D Printing has been a game changer for almost every industry, giving consumers the ability to make their own items and companies to create objects that they might not have had a chance to make before. The future of 3-D printing suggests that by 2020, items will be more easily produced on demand and further, customized to meet the needs of the consumer.

Self-driving cars, once believed to be science fiction, are now making their way onto the streets and into our homes. It is estimated that within two years, 30% of all new cars entering the market will have a self-driving option. This is prominently led by Google and Uber, and we can read about the changes in their process almost daily.

Internet connectivity is something that we have all come to expect with most of us relying on online banking and social media, but the internet is finally entering our homes in a way only seen in movies before. Smart homes, living quarters with devices run on WiFi with sensors that can help a vacuum navigate your house or a watch determine your heart rate, may very well change the way we interact with every facet of our lives.

Smart machines, systems designed to evaluate information and make determinations are changing the future of technology. This concept has enabled machine learning and has made it possible for our technology to be more considerate of our needs and provide customized services.

It might be impossible to know what predictions will actually play out and how because the future is vast and relatively uncertain, but trends show that these key concepts will change the way we do business, consume products, and manage our lives.