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Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio, an unconsciously visible number ratio built around the number 1.618 is based off of the Fibonacci Sequence, and is a hidden key to successful design. Using these concepts can help you take the design of any presentation, be it poster or website, and make it aesthetically pleasing in a way consumers register without truly knowing why. We personally implement this ratio in almost every design we approach, and it’s always a hit.

The Fibonacci Sequence, a theory focused on creating a pattern wherein the next number in the pattern is always the sum of the previous two in the lineup, is a mathematical concept that can seem a bit odd, particularly when discussing your business cards, but there’s a reason why it has been used in architecture and design for ages. This sequence isn’t something you want to use at random, but any time you can work in the golden proportions, be it in anything geometrical, organic constructions, or web design, it’s sure to be a hit. If you’re working on a grid in your web design, consider the golden proportions and how they might fit in. The results are bound to be something you’ll enjoy if you follow the golden rules. Be it us being trained throughout history or some sort of subconscious passion, humans absolutely adore the golden ratio.

And that’s not all, The Golden Ratio is a number pattern frequently found in nature. This ratio focuses specifically on finding the perfect gap between smaller and larger portions that make a visible and yet visible relation across them.

This ratio can be found not only in design, but even in art and music throughout history. It is possible that the ratio has been presented to us in nature and we are merely mirroring it, but it is impossible to ignore the fact that history and studies have shown time and time again that this particular effect rings as a positive for people across the board.

It might sound a bit conspiracy theorist, but it really is just simple mathematics. Be it by evoking a visceral response through the creation of a sort of perceived harmony and consistency that merely rings true to us, humans respond to this ratio with a sense of pleasant peace that make us want to observe and trust. It might just be aesthetically and pleasing to use, but we simply cannot argue with hundreds of years worth of results.

If you’re considering what direction to take the design for a billboard, or even your Twitter header, consider doing a little research on this concept and see how you can make it work for you. It can bring a consistency in your brand that people might register without truly knowing why, and we can assure you that it just makes things look downright beautiful.

Even in researching this concept, we were unable to shake away our awe brought forth by the beauty in this design concept. It simply makes things look good in a way that can’t be described, but can surely be experienced. Our advice is to give it a try, and if you’re still unsure, see how the people around you respond to it. You might be surprised to see the results.