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Graphic Design Trends 2019

As time passes, trends change. This is true in every industry, and will continue to be for as long as humanity continues to shift and grow. Design has a tendency to shift more quickly than a lot of other industries, making it important to keep up to date with trends to reduce having an outdated design and end up losing customers. Fortunately, we’ve compiled this brief list of Graphic Design trends to help you move into 2019!


  • The Introduction of 3D — This might not come as much of a shock, but now that we’re starting to see more readily available 3D designs that can be utilized in stunning ways to demonstrate graphics and provide information, this trend is ramping up and not going away any time soon.


  • Dreamlike Color Gradients — As we move forward into aesthetics, the human eye of the future appears to really enjoy brightly colored gradients that bring together hues of color that blend, shifting effortlessly in a pleasing way that gives everything in the image the appearance of working together.


  • A World Without Borders — As design trends shift, gone are the days of perfectly framed images. Instead, modern design is moving towards an open and endless feel that might use color gradients or shapes rather than the standard framing style we’ve all grown accustomed to.


  • Metal is Way In — The use of understated metallic shades to act as an accent to a design rather than a focal point is an interesting new technique that we’re seeing in modern design trends. In a world where high-end iPhones are coming in gold and rose gold, we’re seeing that same glimmer of shine brought to designs and imagery in ways that entice the customer to explore the design rather than just look at it.


  • Words All Around — In the age of Instagram and Snapchat posts, we are seeing the much beloved trend of placing words strategically on images to draw an effect coming to life in new ways. In a transition from the usual bold form of a basic font over an image, we are seeing new fonts designed to be bold entering the font world and being combined with images to evoke an emotion and elicit an overall response and recognition from an audience.


  • Altered Reality for the Generation with Augmented Reality — As we move forward into a world where augmented reality is available on countless apps for every mobile device, people everywhere are growing accustomed to the idea of a world that is both composed of art and real life in a new and interesting way. To balance that, graphic design is trending towards the use of real images with artistic backgrounds.


It’s impossible to know which of these trends will really stick around and which of them will be considered fleeting, but as you move forward into your new year, try some some of these new design styles out and see what kind of magic you can make. It never hurts to practice staying modern in your design, and will give you an edge against the competition.