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Authenticity is generally what we all love about smaller businesses. There’s just something special about that unique period before a brand gets big when they’re still so uniquely themselves and haven’t quite refined the process. When you’re in this phase, building your brand and designing your branding feels like art. That’s a really good thing, and can keep the passion flowing through

The Golden Ratio, an unconsciously visible number ratio built around the number 1.618 is based off of the Fibonacci Sequence, and is a hidden key to successful design. Using these concepts can help you take the design of any presentation, be it poster or website, and make it aesthetically pleasing in a way consumers register without truly knowing why. We personally implement

In the age of Pinterest, most people know what a mood board is whether they recognize it by name or not. You might think a mood board is nothing more than a random collection of images, but when properly leveraged, a mood board can be the perfect starting point for almost any branding project. We personally consider it to be one of

This is kind of a confession, and kind of a love story. We absolutely love Wordpress. We don’t care who knows it. We are happy to scream it from the rooftops. We. Love. Wordpress. So, let us tell you why. Wordpress is an internet powerhouse that holds nearly 30% of websites. That is some serious digital real estate, but when you break it down,

Research shows that we are in the middle of a wave of digital innovation that shows absolutely no signs of stopping any time soon. Rather, we are moving further into the digital age than ever before and science fiction is meeting reality in a way humanity has previously only dreams of. The implications of this are difficult to determine for the long