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This is kind of a confession, and kind of a love story. We absolutely love Wordpress. We don’t care who knows it. We are happy to scream it from the rooftops. We. Love. Wordpress. So, let us tell you why. Wordpress is an internet powerhouse that holds nearly 30% of websites. That is some serious digital real estate, but when you break it down,

Research shows that we are in the middle of a wave of digital innovation that shows absolutely no signs of stopping any time soon. Rather, we are moving further into the digital age than ever before and science fiction is meeting reality in a way humanity has previously only dreams of. The implications of this are difficult to determine for the long

We all know that a “selfie” or self-taken portrait is a common trend these days. We’ve all watched the friends huddle together for a selfie at their favorite restaurant. We’ve all seen teenagers out looking for their perfect lighting to take a picture for their social media feed. Some have embraced it, some are annoyed by it. So, what’s the deal with selfies

We knew long before Instagram that people love pictures and photography plays a large role in effective marketing. They have long since said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and by this point in time we have nearly perfected the effective use of photography to let people know what we want them to feel when they look at us or

The way a customer interacts with your website or system is a crucial component when it comes to them deciding between you and the next guy. If your customer can’t easily interact with your site or system, they’re decidedly less likely to want to continue to do business with you, or even do business with you at all. We’re going to breakdown