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In the age of Pinterest, most people know what a mood board is whether they recognize it by name or not. You might think a mood board is nothing more than a random collection of images, but when properly leveraged, a mood board can be the perfect starting point for almost any branding project. We personally consider it to be one of the best tools in our arsenal when defining what a client wants for their business aesthetic.

A mood board can be a physical collage or a digital rendering, such as one would see on Pinterest, and the purpose it serves is to really get down the style you’re looking for. Mood boards can be used for design, art, writing, film, weddings, and even video games. These tools, when used properly, can be the perfect starting point for determining the message that you want to send and how you hope to be received. It might seem like a jumble of words, colors, and images, but when the right combination come together, you’ve got yourself a brand!

When beginning a new branding session or design project, we like to sit down with our clients and create a mood board to show see what it is that they’re actually looking for. This is the client’s opportunity to show us how they want to be seen. In design, certain stylistic words might have very literal meanings that don’t necessarily match the connotations that each individual client has with them, and that can send us down the wrong path when we’re looking to build your new image.

Cue the mood boards. A mood board gives you a chance to show us what you really want to see, what vibe you’re going for, and what really makes your brand tick. By reviewing colors, fonts, images, and patterns, we can sit down and truly determine what it is that you’re hoping to see us bring to life when designing your new branding or website. It might seem silly, but a mood board is a quick and effective way to ensure that we are all on the same page when it comes to bringing your vision to life. When faced with a single color or image, it leaves a lot open to interpretation from a branding perspective, but when you present us with a collage of design attributes, we get a collective idea of the themes presented and are further able to match your intentions.

Whether you’re working with us or taking on the task yourself, a mood board can be an effective way to nail down what you truly want to see for your company in a pleasant, visual way. This can be used to elicit I buyin or can act as a reoccurring source of inspiration when focusing on your design. Consider colors, fonts, images, and how they all work together to create a consistent design.

If your brand has a mood board, we would love to hear from you! Show us your inspiration so we can share in on your passion too!