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(R)Evolution Internet

The Internet has transitioned in ways that were previously unimaginable, taking us into a new level of the future with each new use for it that society uncovers. In the past the internet was primarily used as a database for information, but now it has become the central focus for almost every major aspect of our society. We have friends online, keep in touch with relatives online, can find information on any topic, and can use it to manage and pay our bills. With so many companies moving to apps and websites, it’s easy to see how entirely focused every industry has become on the internet.


The Internet that we know today is a far cry from the Internet in its beginning phases. Initially, with the invention of computers, scientists began to play with the idea of connecting computers. The concept of packet switching, which allowed for data to be passed across a network was born. As technology evolved, the Internet was eventually created in a more comparable capacity to the one that we know today. It started with people designing websites and games, and now has progressed to a point where we are using it for communication, information sharing, online education, online banking, and much more.


The Internet that we see daily is not the only internet that exists. There are two other primary components to the internet: the Deep Web and the Dark Web. The Deep Web consists of all of the websites there are that can’t be accessed through a search engine. This means specific pages in your accounts, private pages that can only be access with the proper URL, and basically anything that isn’t a primary launchpad meant to be viewed by the general public. The Dark Web is a collection of websites that can’t be accessed with modern internet browsers, generally relying on TOR networks to hold information and run illegal transactions. While there is speculation that the Dark Web doesn’t have to be used for nefarious purposes, it is home to plenty of questionable transactions such as the sale of drugs and human trafficking. The general belief is that the Dark Web is not a friendly place for everyday internet spelunkers, and there are several things out there that can be considered illegal and incredibly dangerous.


The Internet has changed so much since it’s initial creation in the 1960’s that it’s almost impossible to know where the future of it will land, but it is without question a primary hub for all things human. As the Internet has grown, so has our capacity for it. We can rest assured that it will be around for the foreseeable future, providing digital land in an online world for us to interact with as we see fit and to best create the world that we want to see. As it moves forward, we are likely going to see very real virtual reality spaces, more effective communication and data sharing, and hopefully, a place to call our own where we can all continue to connect.