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Web Trends to Watch in 2019

The web continues to evolve in mysterious ways, but the trends in web design actually seem to make a lot of sense. As times change and the look of modern design changes with it, web design is moving in a direction that we are kind of in love with. The future is about a gorgeous multi-media experience that will win the heart of the most staunch minimalist.


In the future, you can expect to see clean, open designs with minimalist features that make it easy for an audience to know exactly how to interact with a website. Rather than overly complex designs, the future is look simplistic and easy to understand in a way that users will surely appreciate and hope will stick around.


Monochromatic and slightly colored designs are also making a huge comeback in a way reminiscent of Italian cinema that urges users to explore the mystique of a website without overwhelming the senses. This look can make any website appear clean and enticing in a way that overly colorful web pages might not.


Videos in web design are more popular than ever. While this trend has been popular for some time now, in a world of short Instagram videos and quick clips being presented in Twitter feeds, we are seeing a renewed life for videos stylized in a more modern capacity. Viva la social media revolution, because videos are more enjoyable and concise than ever.


In another bout of social media influence, websites are starting to embrace the use of GIFs. Now, we’re not terribly worried about how you pronounce this elusive word, but we do want to say that the use of this modern tool, that is loved by younger generations and can make just about any situation more fun, is very promising. GIFs are currently being used on social media, in messages, and online by millions of users every single day, so why wouldn’t we decide to start utilizing them in a fun and energetic capacity on web pages? Failure to do so could be perceived as a missed opportunity by designers everywhere.


2019 also seems to share a growing passion for the existing use of micro-interactions. These little bursts of personality from a web page let users know that they are using a site from a company who values what is important to them. Through notifications, surprise sounds, and fun little shifts in content, we can expect to see web pages that know us almost as well as we know ourselves.


The future of web design will continue to shift, likely leading us to a world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (which is already being used) in a more user friendly capacity. However, for 2019, we have to say that design is looking more fabulous than ever, and we can’t wait to see what brilliant design work these trends bring out from designers everywhere. With user friendly, highly modern website designs like these, it’s a wonder how anyone will top it next year, but we’ll be happy to cover those trends as they start to surface!